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TOP’s Diary: The Smile

Another busy day is finally done. I couldn’t wait to go home and be in the comfort of my own house. I didn’t slept well in the hotel that we were in and to top it all off I had to perform during the day. Everything else went according to plan but what happened in the plane was something unexpected.

We boarded the plane and was assisted to the right cabin. As I walked down the aisle to get to my seat, I had the urge to look behind me. There she was sitting at the far end of the First Class cabin. She was wearing jeans, a shirt and a cardigan sweater, her hair was pulled up in a pony tail. She sat comfortable in her seat while she browse through the magazines that were located in front of her. She looked up and noticed me staring, I couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t expect for a smile back but she did. Holy sheesh she’s pretty was all I can think of.

I got to my seat and sat there smiling like an idiot. I’ve never been this star struck by someone so simple and ordinary yet elegant person. I peeked behind me and found out that JiYong was seated next to her. I sat back and tried my hardest to come up with something to tell him so we can exchange seats, but I failed.

The flight home wasn’t that long, I fell asleep the minute the plane took off the ground and woke up as soon as it landed. I waited for everyone to get out before I made my way out of the plane hoping she’d still be there, but she wasn’t.

JiYong noticed some disappointment as we walk to the baggage claim. I didn’t say much to him until we were waiting for our luggage. Looking through the conveyor that had all the suitcases travel around for owners to see and get, there was one bright pink luggage that came out. I followed it around and at the far end there she was waiting for her own belongings

I didn’t let anything stop me. I walked up to her and casually stood there to wait for my suitcase. I saw her look up at me and I smiled at her.

"Hi! I’m Seung Hyun." I reached out my hand to shake hers as she introduced herself. "Hello! I’m ______." She then flashed her heart warming smile that captured my heart in the plane.

Ah! I better end this here for now. I guess I need some sleep. All I can think of is her and her smile. I got her name but that’s about it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see her again but hopefully one day our paths with cross again.


TOP’s Diary

I will start with this fictional TOP diary. It’s going to be like a scenario, where he tells everyone what’s on his mind. Let’s try this out and hopefully I get to hear from our readers.